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We are always looking for talented new lawyers and support staff and would love the opportunity of discussing how we might be able to further your career.

Most law firm’s websites say ‘our staff are our biggest asset’ but in practice it rarely feels that way. Similarly, most job adverts say ‘this is the job, these are the hours, this will be your office, and this is your billing target!’ It’s all very prescriptive and employer centric.

If this sounds familiar, then Berensens might be the change you’re looking for.

Our management style is much more carrot than stick; we believe unsustainably high billing-targets produce stress and dissatisfaction, not profit, and that experienced lawyers don’t need to be micro-managed by practice managers or senior partners.

We recognise, and welcome, that many people are approaching their jobs and careers differently these days and that the balance between employer and employee is much more about dialogue and consensus than perhaps was the case even five years ago.

You will discover that at Berensens the recruitment process, and your career once you’ve joined us, is much more of a two-way street.  As well as what you can do for us, we want to know what we can do for you, what your aspirations are and how we can meet them.

We want to transform your career and provide a work life balance that meets your goals.

All of this means that when we say ‘our staff are our most valuable resource’ it’s a genuine commitment, one we work hard to fulfil.

We’re looking for the very best and will expect a great deal from you, but by the same token we want you to expect a great deal from us. We want to work with positive, forward-looking professionals.  Our starting point is building a working relationship of trust and integrity – with everyone in the business.

We welcome speculative applications from lawyers in all practice areas, including specialist teams looking for greater autonomy, greater involvement in business development and higher returns.

In short, we would love to hear from you.  For more information, or an initial discussion, please call

Richard Haste on 07855 807327.

Alternatively, please email your CV to richa1718545823rd@be1718545823rense1718545823ns.co1718545823.uk1718545823