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No one chooses to have an accident but should this happen and you are injured as a result we are on hand to assist you. Our specialist team of experts will ensure your claim is dealt with efficiently and professionally. The idea of bringing a claim may be daunting so please speak to a member of our team who can talk you through the process and put your mind at rest.

Berensens offer a free case review to see if you’re eligible to bring a personal injury claim and that you have reasonable prospects of being successful. We could help you recover damages for your pain and ongoing symptoms, medical bills, lost earnings, travel expenses, property damage and other losses.

Examples of cases our team handles include car and workplace accidents, defective products, highway slips and trips, criminal injuries and fatal incidents.

Unfortunately, a number of insurance companies are rarely willing to make a fair offer right away. There can be lengthy negotiations with an insurer before a final settlement is reached. Berensens though have skilled communicators and highly effective negotiators. We use our legal knowledge and decades of experience to ensure that you receive what your claim rightly deserves.

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