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The loss of a loved one can be a difficult and trying time.

We will provide the support and expert guidance for Executors throughout the Probate process. This can include preparing the Inheritance Tax return, advising on the tax reliefs available, working through complex trusts and negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs.

With some estates, the Executors may have the skill and the time to undertake the administration of the estate meaning we can offer a helping hand only where it is needed.

However, sometimes the process can be daunting and complex, requiring our help on the whole administration from start to finish.

Meanwhile, when an individual has passed away without leaving a Will, we can advise upon how the estate is to be administered and the rights of the beneficiaries under the Intestacy Rules.

Finally, if there are disputes between the executors or if an individual should contest the estate, our Disputes & Litigation team can assist.

For further details on how we can assist you, please see our factsheets below:

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